Thursday, September 24, 2009

Online data backup – Next Generation Technology

Before data disaster strikes, it is necessary to have data backup so that you may restore lost data in safe and cost effective way. A number of data backup techniques are available with the help of which you may easily restore lost files and folders. Online data backup methodology has replaced traditional data backup techniques such as tape backup, flash drive backup etc. The reason due to which Online backup is becoming increasingly popular is very simple. Following points make it obvious to everyone that why online backup or Web based Backup is becoming Next Generation Technology.
· Easy Accessibility: You can take Online Data backup storage regardless of location, as it is stored offsite at remote location.
· Business Continuity: Online data backup is a portable application. Automatic continuous backup is available all time. You don’t need to wait for recovery. Thus it helps to lower data recovery cost.
· No bulky CD stack: Online backup does not involve the headache of taking backup in Bulky CD stack. Backup is taken offsite. The only thing that you need is an internet connection and a web browser to use the interface.
· Simple to use technique: You are not required to have a dedicated IT resource, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser only thus it is very simple to use technique.
· Fast and efficient technique: Since data backup is taken offsite so retrieving backup is a fast and efficient process.
· Reliable – Online data backup is a hassle free and extremely reliable utility as compared to other data backup mediums.
· Safe and Secure way: Online data backup is a safe option for your data recovery. It involves various security features and encryption, passwords techniques for the authentication purpose.
· Cost effective: Online Backup is a cost effective technique as you can save all your crucial files and folders in an offsite location so it reduces the risk of data loss and thus proven over and over as a wise investment.Due to stated reasons you can say that Online Data Backup is an excellent methodology that getting popular as Next Generation Data Backup Technique.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Data Recovery Software over in-lab recovery services

Data loss may take place on your system due to any reason like accidental data deletion, virus activities, application failure, incomplete software installation, hardware malfunctioning, human error and other similar data loss incidents. Nobody can ever predict that when data loss will occur and how much it will affect your data security? Although a number of solutions are available that helps to recover your lost data but deciding which to choose when becomes the question of intelligence.
With the introduction to the advance technology data recovery software are proven as the effective solution to recover lost data from storage media. Recovery Bull has offered number of data recovery solutions that allows easy restoration of data lost from hard disk drive and USB media. Software composed with number of salient features that make it superior over traditional in-lab data recovery service includes:
· Faster recovery response: Software results in faster recovery response as compared to data recovery services that require several hours to weeks depending upon the size and type of project.
· Cost effective solutions: Data Recovery Software is affordable solutions that suits the need and budget of every section of users and is one time purchasing utility that you can use multiple number of times just purchasing once.
· Availability: Data Recovery Software is available easily over internet. You can know details about any software online and can take purchase decision according to your requirements.
· Do-it-yourself solutions: Software is do it yourself solution with the help of which you can perform data recovery just sitting at home. Unlike data recovery services, you do not need physical presence of any data recovery lab.
· Fully automated tool: Software is a fully automated tool that allows you to perform data recovery in few recovery steps without requiring special technical expertise.
Thus, data recovery software has revolutionized data recovery industry and has gained upper hand over traditional in-lab data recovery services. Software has been empowered with the best capabilities that allow easy data recovery in fast and efficient way.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Causes of Data Loss

Dependence of people on digital devices has increased in last few years, these devices have large storage capacity and it’s very convenient to access data and fetch useful information from these sorts of devices. The cost of digital storage media has reduced and capacity has increased in last few years therefore sale has reached sky high. Previously data was stored in bulky files and it was really difficult to make and manage such files. Yet data loss is most frequently heard word now days. Whether you are a business tycoon or a college student everyone’s data has its own important. Such data loss can make you face most evil situation. Some of the commonly occurred causes of data loss are given below so that you can avoid them from happening.
· Using F Disk command
· Hardware & Software Malfunctioning
· Factory setting reset
· Virus generated data loss
· Corrupted or damaged drive
· Improper card removal
· Display like “Drive Not Detected” or “Drive Not Formatted”
· Power failure
· Using Shift+Del key
Even after tons of effort sometime we face catastrophe like data loss. Don’t just get panic try to use some data recovery software which are available online at affective prices. Download data recovery software and recover all the types of files and folders.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Data Recovery Techniques – Knowhow

When it comes to data loss, condition becomes drastic. In most cases price is even not a big factor but the only thing that everybody aims towards is-how to get back lost files? Users probably try any thing that may result in lost data recovery but sometimes frantic efforts also can make the situation worse. So why to take risk? Every wound has its remedy. Following are some mythologies that you will help you to take right decision:

Old Mythology:
It was the time when data loss was considered as the biggest headache. People use to send their devices to data recovery service centers to get back lost or deleted files. Data recovery services were composed of many factors like much time, many human efforts, physical presence of hi-tech labs and off course enough money. Due to these reasons data recovery service technique could not get much name and fame and almost vanished with the decade of time.

New Techniques:
In modern world Data Recovery Software is emerged as the new technique to recover lost data from storage system. With the analysis and researches it has been proven software is the best means to restore files and folders lost due to unforeseen occurrences.

Causes & Preventions:
Various factors are responsible to cause data loss from storage media including Accidental data deletion, Virus activities, Incomplete software installation, Application failure, Inadequate device knowledge, Corrupted media, Logical disk crashes, Power spikes or other human faults. In order to prevent data loss you need to have trusted data recovery technique means that can successfully recover lost data.