Thursday, September 24, 2009

Online data backup – Next Generation Technology

Before data disaster strikes, it is necessary to have data backup so that you may restore lost data in safe and cost effective way. A number of data backup techniques are available with the help of which you may easily restore lost files and folders. Online data backup methodology has replaced traditional data backup techniques such as tape backup, flash drive backup etc. The reason due to which Online backup is becoming increasingly popular is very simple. Following points make it obvious to everyone that why online backup or Web based Backup is becoming Next Generation Technology.
· Easy Accessibility: You can take Online Data backup storage regardless of location, as it is stored offsite at remote location.
· Business Continuity: Online data backup is a portable application. Automatic continuous backup is available all time. You don’t need to wait for recovery. Thus it helps to lower data recovery cost.
· No bulky CD stack: Online backup does not involve the headache of taking backup in Bulky CD stack. Backup is taken offsite. The only thing that you need is an internet connection and a web browser to use the interface.
· Simple to use technique: You are not required to have a dedicated IT resource, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser only thus it is very simple to use technique.
· Fast and efficient technique: Since data backup is taken offsite so retrieving backup is a fast and efficient process.
· Reliable – Online data backup is a hassle free and extremely reliable utility as compared to other data backup mediums.
· Safe and Secure way: Online data backup is a safe option for your data recovery. It involves various security features and encryption, passwords techniques for the authentication purpose.
· Cost effective: Online Backup is a cost effective technique as you can save all your crucial files and folders in an offsite location so it reduces the risk of data loss and thus proven over and over as a wise investment.Due to stated reasons you can say that Online Data Backup is an excellent methodology that getting popular as Next Generation Data Backup Technique.

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