Monday, September 21, 2009

Causes of Data Loss

Dependence of people on digital devices has increased in last few years, these devices have large storage capacity and it’s very convenient to access data and fetch useful information from these sorts of devices. The cost of digital storage media has reduced and capacity has increased in last few years therefore sale has reached sky high. Previously data was stored in bulky files and it was really difficult to make and manage such files. Yet data loss is most frequently heard word now days. Whether you are a business tycoon or a college student everyone’s data has its own important. Such data loss can make you face most evil situation. Some of the commonly occurred causes of data loss are given below so that you can avoid them from happening.
· Using F Disk command
· Hardware & Software Malfunctioning
· Factory setting reset
· Virus generated data loss
· Corrupted or damaged drive
· Improper card removal
· Display like “Drive Not Detected” or “Drive Not Formatted”
· Power failure
· Using Shift+Del key
Even after tons of effort sometime we face catastrophe like data loss. Don’t just get panic try to use some data recovery software which are available online at affective prices. Download data recovery software and recover all the types of files and folders.


  1. Great to know about data recovery software.i like your blog,its really informative.I want to know that is your software capable to recover lost data from emptied recycle bin because after emptied my recycle bin i came to know that by mistake i have deleted some of my important data files and i don't have any backup of those data files..Please provide me solution as soon as possible.

  2. Thanks ricky for your informative post about data recovery loss reasons...Can you name some solutions that help user to recover lost data...

  3. Thanks a lot Ricky, I was very upset when my USB drive is not accessed by my PC that contains some important office documents. For finding any kind of solution, I started searching Google and I found your blog. With help of your blog I came to know that there are some data recovery software availlable which help me to get my data back, And I succeeded in finding USB drive data recovery software by which I recovered my almost lost data from USB drive.